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NEW FOR 2022: Free Affiliate Marketing with Social SEO, Content Marketing And A Secret Google Strategy Never Revealed
What you’ll learn
Discover How To Start An Online Business For Free With Affiliate Marketing in 2022
BRAND NEW For 2022
Discover a NEVER BEFORE REVEALED strategy for profiting from the search engines like never before.
Uncover the skills to pick the perfect affiliate product for big profits
Tap into the power of your passion in the Niche Selection Area – Your Gold Is Waiting!
Learn how to promote Affiliate products On Google For ZERO DOLLARS!.
Discover the Secret skills Of The Search Engines – SEO – Your Key To Free Money Forever!
Gain the skill to build your own squeeze page FOR FREE and attract floods of subscribers!
Is One Or More Of These Things True?
1. You’re fed up with your progress or your profits so far?
2. You are sick of being up-sold, buying expensive software, etc?
3. You are confused with overly complex training?
4. You’re ready right now to learn what will work for you?
If there is one thing that holds many people back, especially when starting out it’s being led with false promises and losing trust in your trainer…
My Promise To You
I, Ciaran Doyle, promise to show you the affiliate business-building steps to…
· Eliminate the confusion, squash the uncertainty and frustration, while…
· Earning an affiliate income,
· Working less than you think you have to,
· Getting more results, WITHOUT spending more money,
· And NOT trying to sell you anything during the training,
So, if you are looking for that final breakthrough, that last little push towards success, you are in the right place.
This training will show you the exact steps you can take using SEO, Content Marketing and the Social SEO secret to make an affiliate marketing income for FREE!
But what if you’re not qualified?
Here’s the truth about affiliate marketing.
1. You don’t need to be an expert,
2. You don’t need to have done this before to promote products and make sales,
3. You don’t need to be a university graduate, or college, or even high school.
4. And, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make this a reality, (This really is KEY FOR THIS TRAINING)
This training is specifically created with the goal of you making your first money with Affiliate Marketing For FREE, without spending anything.
NOTE: During this training (in some videos) I might say I recommend upgrading when you make some money, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO, and it doesn’t affect the work you do, only making it easier as your business grows.
• As you go through the training videos you will have tasks to do.
• Once you have finished them, tick them off the list, it’s that straightforward.
A simple training structure (not over complicated like so many others) that has taken people just like You with absolute zero knowledge of the internet and affiliate marketing and given them the formula to create an income-producing affiliate business for FREE!
Why Take This Affiliate Course And Not Others?
Just have a look at what my students (of my other training) are saying…
This is the best affiliate marketing course you will ever find online.
Lessons are planned out in a very structure manner and easy to follow.
The knowledge and experience shared are very practical and down to earth. Unlike those superstar guru telling you glamour technique which doesn’t really work.
Instructor look and sounds very humble and know his stuff. With over delivered sincerity that trying to connect with you and encourage you to do the homework.
Homework and checkins are very important to access our understand and building the trust between instructor and students.
With the value we are getting out of this course is absolutely worth it. The similar course out there sold by those celebrity guru easily cost you $497, $997, $1497.. and the worst you learn nothing!!!
This value of this course? Definitely way beyond $497 value… well that’s my personal opinion only.
There’s no risk to try out.
Ciaran is the genuine guru, successful yet very low profile and humble. Again, that’s my personal observation and the way I see it.
Thank you Ciaran for making this course available to us and at such an affordable price with over delivered value.
Absolute Gold Mine !!! – Dylan Siauw
Well, this affiliate marketing training is based on a strategy that works, and that I use in my own business.
Also, the more you do with this, the stronger it becomes.
You see,
It uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Creation, Social SEO and utilizes Google to make money for free.
What many people teach (and only really applies to experienced marketers).
They teach setting up landing pages (which I do) BUT using overly priced Facebook and Instagram Ads (Which I don’t). This can work but has a huge and expensive learning curve to see any profit.
For a start, Facebook Ad costs have gone through the roof, and affiliates are in a panic. And with the iOS update on Apple phones, it means that you are able to actually reach fewer people than before.
Fewer people to reach = MORE competition for the ads = MORE expensive ads.
When people are browsing social media, they are relaxing, chilling out, talking with friends, stalking ex gfs and bfs, etc. their intent is NOT to purchase products.
So actually converting them into sales is really a long and expensive process (and better left until you have a solid affiliate business producing you income to enable you to test things).
· Unlike a person searching on Google, for a solution to their problem,
· When your FREE website appears they are actually actively looking for the solution you are offering,
· So that means they convert much higher.
Searching For A Real Solution To A Problem = A Higher Likelihood To Convert To A Sale For You.
If you have fallen for the social media gurus before, don’t worry, many of my students have been in the same predicament before they came to me.
So, for a change, you will learn the real fundamentals of how Google works.
The skills and strategies haven’t changed since marketing began.
These are the things that actually WILL work for you, no matter the niche you want to be in, and in a much quicker time.
· Do you want to get real results for a change?
· Do you want to be able to quit your job and work on your online business?
You will be able to easily follow along with the over-the-shoulder step-by-step approach to help this become a reality for you.
Simply do what I do, and let me guide you to succeeding online.
How This Affiliate Marketing Training works
The training is split into 2 Sections, totaling 7 modules.
Section 1 – Module 1-7, Section 2 – Module 8
In the first part of the training, you will discover the setup module, this is where you learn, and setup the requirements
– The exact steps you need to find niche affiliate products,
– Find a good niche,
– Understand the Social SEO Process – Your Key To Free Money,
– Find keywords to create your content around,
– Setup You Squeeze and Bridge Pages (For Free),
Here is a quick summary of what you will take away from this part of the course
Understanding how you can make money online in ANY niche,
How to pick the perfect products so you know they will convert into sales (not all products are created equally),
How to See The Money In The Search Engines,
How to find money keywords just sitting right in front of you,
How to create killer content for ANY niche, super quickly,
How to build a squeeze page and bridge page for free,
How to apply what you learn to ANY OTHER marketing niche. This is the stuff that will make you a very wealthy person.
In Part 2, Module 8 You learn the actual, practical application of everything you have gone through…
And you will get your content and affiliate marketing offers LIVE online!
How to rank the sites you need to rank, right smack bang in the search engines, just like Google Tells You!
Part 1 – Affiliate Marketing
This is all about affiliate marketing
· What affiliate marketing actually is,
· How it will work for you,
· What you will be promoting and how you will get pay for what you do,
· How to find the right affiliate program on networks like Clickbank, Amazon, Market Health, etc.
· But not only that, how to find the right industry, company, products or services, and partnerships to promote, in any niche, using the power of Google to help you find them.
I’ll show you how to find thousands of products and brands with a simple search, ready to be plucked up by you and used to create monthly affiliate revenue.
You’ll also uncover
· How to look at affiliate products and programs to know whether they are good or bad,
· And in addition, KNOW will that product sell well for you or not.
This is the real foundational base of what affiliate marketers do so you can understand how and why you will make money with this online business.
Part 2 – Niche Selection
When you know how to pick the right affiliate marketing niche to enter, your affiliate marketing work and journey to success become a whole lot easier and quicker.
If you pick the wrong merchant to promote you might not make even a dime and waste your valuable time.
The key here is knowing how to look at niche markets and then…
· Actually See Inside Them,
· And Spot The Perfect Angle To Profit.
Because without knowing the Niche within the Niche, you will face too much competition and it will become so much harder to make any sales.
Here’s an example: Yoga Market vs The Yoga For Women With Arthritis (Wide market vs targeted market)
Most beginners do this – they jump on the affiliate product or service that is on-trend, or because they heard another famous affiliate marketer made a million dollars with it, and when success eludes them and they make no referrals, they feel like a failure, burned by affiliate marketing, but that’s not the case…
And is the complete opposite of what you will feel when you complete this section.
Part 3 – The Replicate and Update Strategy
Social SEO is a technique that I developed a few years ago which enables anyone, with the right knowledge to spot income-producing opportunities in the search engines by examining what the likes of Google is telling you for that search.
You see…
Google tells you EVERYTHING you need to succeed online, you just have to know what to look for, and how to make a profit from that search.
I can’t go too much into this strategy here, because it’s that’s killer, that it’s kept for my students… YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!
Part 4 – Optimization ManifeSEO
Yep, not a Manifesto, a ManifeSEO…
Basically, I’m going to turn you into an SEO expert over the course of this 32-minute training video with accompanying downloadable resources.
This is ALL you need to know about what is called On-Page SEO from all my years of experience, and not only can it be applied in this course, but in ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING you do online with websites, platforms, videos etc…
This is pure SEO Gold… and you are in for a treat.
Part 5 – The Quick and Freezy Keyword Research Method
Imagine being able to actually see what are the right keywords to use for your content for free, right in front of you.
Keyword research is hard for people who don’t understand it, but when you do… when you see what I show you… you will be laughing at how easy this is.
I’m going to show you 2 different strategies for finding the exact keywords you need for your content, and it’s quick… it’s easy, and you NEVER have to have done this before.
Part 6 – Content Cleverness
What’s the point in doing things the hard way, let’s look at how you can get off the ground running even sooner with this smart module on creating content that is not only super-fast but is also loved by the search engines.
And no… you don’t need to be a writer to create content! Not with this way anyhow!
Part 7 – Freemail Marketing
No fancy software that cost you an arm and a leg, no paid websites, or domain names, and no pulling your hair out (well maybe just a bit)…
Freemail marketing is just that… email marketing for free using software and platforms that allow free creation on them.
This isn’t the most beautiful solution, BUT if you want FREE, you got it…
Part 8 – The Killer Blow – The Social SEO In Action Module
14 Videos, 7 Platforms, millions of opportunities to make money online for FREE with affiliate marketing.
This and the Social SEO Process Overview (Module 3 – The Replicate and Update Strategy) are really what this training is about… and really what anyone, even those who are not new to affiliate marketing needs to pay attention to.
This is where I open up Pandoras Box of tricks when it comes to getting visitors to your affiliate offers for FREE.
I can’t say more about this, or share the platforms with you, because well… as I said before, it is for students of this training course.
Important Note: While many people will make really good money quickly, this training is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and not an overnight solution.
You will have to put in the work to make this happen, you will have to watch the videos and take action on what I say. But, if you can do this, I will guide you through all the things you need to build your first online business with Affiliate Marketing for FREE.
If you can…
Follow the easy step-by-step training videos, YOU WILL get your first fully functional online business up and running and producing income in super quick time.
With Over 8 Hours Of Easily Actionable Lessons and downloads,
· I walk you through every detail, step by step,
· So you get the same results as if I was doing it for you.
On top of that, if you ever get stuck, don’t worry, help is at hand.
Because once you become a student of this training course, you will receive continuous support from me – for lifetime.
I will share my advice and answers to your questions whenever you need help from me (please give me time to respond though).
1. If you are looking for super straightforward instructional training that won’t have you pulling your hair out,
2. That IS FREE, no upgrades, software purchases etc,
3. And most importantly, a proven strategy to make money with affiliate marketing that cuts the learning curve and just gives you the actionable no fluff strategy you need,
4. If this is what you are after.then I look forward to welcoming you into our tight and happy community.
I look forward to seeing you on the inside, helping you start affiliate marketing for FREE right away, and achieving the results that are going to turn your life around.
Dedicated to your success
Ciaran Doyle
Who this course is for
Beginners looking to get started with affiliate marketing without websites and all that techy stuff

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