Udemy – Branding for Freelancers with Nil Yalçınkaya

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Working independently towards your goals is exciting. But when it comes to marketing your goods and services, things become bitter, and I know this feeling.

You may be struggling with so many decisions right now, such as:

  • What to write on the landing page of your business,
  • What to post on social media this week,
  • How to decide your overall voice&tone,
  • Visual imagery and styling on your designs,
  • What to say on marketing campaigns, etc.

Let me give you the hidden ingredient in this story:
You don’t have a brand strategy and a visual brand identity.
But don’t worry, this course will answer many questions in your mind and give you the fundamental elements of brand creation.
Believe it or not, many experienced business owners lack this information so they spend a lot of money on marketing right away. But as a solopreneur, freelancer, or a small start-up owner, I know you don’t have the luxury to use all your budget for such an expensive lesson.
Here, with this small course;

  • You will be able to write your brand strategy
  • Become familiar with the core idea behind successful brand stories
  • Learn your role as the brand leader
  • Understand why people buy and why people follow any brand
  • Have a clear idea about who you are and how you communicate
  • Define your mission, vision, and value proposition
  • Define a brand story that everyone would love to hear
  • Find a unique and strategic naming solution for your brand
  • Decide which solution to use for your visual identity

In the end, with all this information, you will be able to build a brand reputation first. This way, you will be able to grow organically more than you would do with a digital advertising campaign; your audience will be excited to hear from you and they will feel connected to your story for a long time.
In the future, you can decide to use some of your budgets on advertising of course, but as a new brand leader who is at the beginning of her/his journey, I assure you that all you need is branding first.

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