Transform Inspiration into Illustration with Imagination: 4 Watercolor Projects

 Transform Inspiration into Illustration with Imagination: 4 Watercolor Projects
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In today’s world, inspiration is all around you, but what do you do with all that inspiration?  To create art that looks unique and has more of you than of your reference, you need a good mix of inspiration and imagination.
With this class, I’m sharing my entire process of creating illustrations which use snippets of inspiration and are built on imagination.In this class, I will walk you through every little step involved in creating four fruits-and-flowers-themed watercolor illustrations, right from the first seed of inspiration until the very last painted detail.

While the class covers the entire painting process of four projects, there is a great emphasis on the thought process that goes behind creating every little detail. The first part of the class contains primer lessons where you will learn:

  •  Art supplies I use
  • Watercolor techniques we will use in this class
  • What to observe in an inspiration source
  • Using your imagination to brainstorm ideas for illustrations
  • Using a color wheel and your intuition to pick color palettes
  • Useful color palette tools and resources

Following these are four projects, arranged roughly by time duration, where you will learn:

  • how to take a rough idea and develop it into a detailed drawing
  • how to pick and mix a color palette for the project
  • the entire watercolor painting process, which involves painting in stages

This class is best suited for intermediate students who have painted with watercolors before, but even if you’re a beginner you should not miss this class, since the skills, tips and resources shared in this class will come in really handy in your watercolor illustration journey.