Skillshare – From Line to Illustration

Skillshare – From Line to Illustration
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In part one you will focus on building a form. Starting from a single line. This line will create a shape. And once we place this shape into perspective it will become a form. This form will be the first step in this course.

The perspective types that you are going to cover are: One, two three point.
You will learn the basics that is going to be usefull if you find yourself in a situation that requiers basic understanding of it. In this lesson you are focusing on environments, but perspective is something that is present in everything that you draw from props to humans.
In the second part. You are going to learn about simple color theory. About the properties of color and value. And how to make connections between them to achieve a harmonious image. You will learn about lighting. And how that affects the value and color. Different lighting situations that you can apply to any illustration. And once you cover all that, you will use the form that you drew in part one, and color it out. I will guide you and give tips on what to do, and how to think when doing such an image. This will be the second step that will help you create the final image.
In the last part. Because you learned everything in the first two parts here. You just need to apply your new gained knowledge. This part will be a follow along demonstartion. You will need to recreate the illustration, keeping in mind all the information that was said in the course to achieve the best result.
Once you finished, You can repeat the same illustration with a different color palette.
If you are brave enough, becouse you learned how to modify and create a form and to place it into perspective, you can create your own without any issues.
The total lesson is 3 hours long. With 2 hours of narrated teaching and a silent demo of 45 minutes. Which is the last exersise that you need to do
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