Procreate Animation – Make Your Own Chat Sticker GIFs for Instagram Stories & More!

Procreate Animation – Make Your Own Chat Sticker GIFs for Instagram Stories & More! | File Size :1.4GB
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You know those cute little animated stickers that you can use on Instagram stories? That’s what we’ll be creating together today.
I’m going to talk you through creating a variety of chat stickers with three different themes: hearts, stars and the word yes. For example, we’re going to create all of these heart animations, and more!

An animated sticker is simply a GIF or an animation with a transparent background, so you can pop it on top a photo or another image.
To create these animations, I’m using my iPad and the Procreate app. I’m using an Apple Pencil, but any stylus will do.
Creating animations on Procreate is more fun and easy than you’d expect. And that’s why I love them so much! You don’t need to be an artist or a hand letter to create animations – anyone can do them.
I would consider this an intermediate class. Some knowledge of Procreate is helpful. But I’ll explain every step along the way, sharing tips and tricks as I go.
This class comes with some great free resources: like free Procreate brushes to use in your animations.
After you take this class, you’ll be able to apply the concepts you learn to many other projects. You’ll be able to create your own unique animations to use in social media.
I’m here to answer questions and give feedback. Feel free to ask a question under the Discussions tab in Skillshare.
I’d LOVE to see what you create! Please share your projects on Skillshare under the Project and Resources tab. Also, if you share your work on Instagram, please tag me with the hashtag #kelleybrenburke. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, I’m @kelleybrenburke
And please follow me on Skillshare to learn about my new classes. If you want to learn even more about animation on Procreate right after this, check out my other Skillshare classes on animation.
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