Master Game Developement – Optimizing your game in Unity

 Master Game Developement РOptimizing your game in Unity
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File Name:Master Game Developement: Optimizing your game in Unity
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You can watch the videos in any order that you want.
At the end of these tutorial videos, you will be able to
Optimize your Unity games for mobile devices, PC and etc.
Analyze the complexity of your code using profiler.
Improve memory usage by compressing your textures and object pooling method.
Share complex jobs with other threads using multi-threading.

Analyze your game asset’s size.
Limit the rendering of objects that do not appear in player’s camera using occlusion culling and LOD.
Use events to improve your code’s performance.
A basic knowledge of Unity is recommended for this lesson but it’s not necassary.
You are provided with a game project that you need to optimize at the end of the class. All of the tips and lessons you learn during the class is applicable in the project. Make sure to apply the things you learn in this project at the end of the tutorial.
Click here go to the class project code on GitHub
Link to the Unity’s execution order documentation. (Reference of video: Optimize your Code)
Link to the Unity’s job system. (Reference of video: Multi-threading)
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