Learn How To Paint Cabins in the Snow Using Watercolors

 Learn How To Paint Cabins in the Snow Using Watercolors
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Hello Everyone welcome here
Winter is one of the coldest season of the whole year. Everyone feels some magic in the air because of the frost, crystal nights, snow and afcourse amazing atmosphere. You are able to see trees, mountains, houses, lakes which are completely covered with snow. Although everything is covered with just one color white yet it is the most beautiful thing to witness. On the contrary thats the challenge when it come to painting subjects which are covered with one color. So here in this class we will learn how to give the depth and contrast using minimum color pallet, along with that you will learn some basic watercolor techniques, how to draw and paint cabins, trees and above all how to paint the white snow. I am super excited to invite you all to join this class. If you are struggling with watercolors or you want paint something beautiful then this class is definitely for you. By the end of the class you will have four gorgeous looking winter landscapes. Come join me and lets paint together.

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I’m so excited to have you here. Thanks a lot for joining 😀
Materials I recommend
Paper – I recommend you to use 100% cotton, 300gsm, cold pressed watercolor paper. Here I am using paper from Baohong but you can use any brand watercolor paper
Watercolors – Here we are using very basic and limited colors pallet. I have mentioned each and every color along with their substitute in the class
Brushes – Here we will be using round brush size 2,4 and 8 along with that one 2 inch flat brush to wet the paper. Incase you don’t have that you can use a mop brush or any larger flat brush as well
Pallet to mix down all your colors
Rough cloth/tissue
Two jars of water
Masking tape
A board to fix the paper if you are sing loose paper