Facebook Ads Masterclass – Become a Facebook Ads Pro

 Facebook Ads Masterclass – Become a Facebook Ads Pro
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In my course “Facebook Ads Masterclass: Become a Facebook Ads Pro” I show you everything from A-Z in Facebook Ads that you need to create and run good ads.

For me it is important that you get to know all the functions in a short time and can start immediately. That’s why the course is relatively short.
We start with the introduction here I show you again what you can expect in my Facebook ads course.
After that, I briefly go into the paid traffic mindset and then directly into one of the most important topics – Who are Traffic mindest.
In the module “FB Insights” you will get an insight into the new free tool “FB Insight”. Here all data is collected and processed, so that you can see exactly where the traffic comes from, which content is appealing and much more!
In the module “Creating an Avatar Profile”, you can determine an optimal profile based on the data determined in FB Insight and adjust and play out the Facebook Ads exactly on this.
In the module “Important Ad Rules” I explain what Facebook wants and what Facebook doesn’t want, so the rules of the game what you can and can’t show in the Ads. Here I will also show you a few examples from the Policies.
Module “The Pixel” deals with the Facebook Pixel Tracking code, so how to use it and how to use it.
Then come the 3 last and with most important modules “Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads”. Here we talk about the setup, what is important, what should not be forgotten and of course what is optimal. In the last module I show you everything step by step, so you can use the previously learned directly.
After the course you will be able to set up a complete Facebook Ads Campaign.
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