Drawing and Coloring Mini Mandala – Learn to draw seven colorful mini mandalas

 Drawing and Coloring Mini Mandala РLearn to draw seven colorful mini mandalas
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In this class you will learn to draw 7 colorful mandalas from a basic to advance level. You will learn to draw mandalas in a detailed way and color them with utmost simplicity. Once you complete this class you will completely be spellbound by the fact that how easy it is to draw colorful mandalas. All you need is a little interest and a inner quest to learn this art and rest will be taken care off as it is rightly said that well start is half done. Once you have interest in any art then it just becomes a matter of time and learning the right techniques to get our skills right and polished. This is exactly the place where I am gonna come into picture and teach you the simple techniques with which you will be able to draw your own colorful mandalas. Below is the flow map in points of how are we going to proceed in the course.

1. Introduction to Course
2. Basics of Color theory
3. Art Supplies Required
4. Basic Petal Practice
5. Advanced Petal Practice
6. Mandala Grid
7. Mini Mandalas
1.Lotus mandala 2.Sun mandala 3.Rainbow mandala 4.Geometric eye mandala 5.Evergreen mandala 6.Antique mandala 7.Ocean mandala
Post this class you would be able to draw colorful mandalas of your own choice and imagination and the different pointers you learned in this course are the basic foundation of drawing any mandala so it will help you in drawing any intricate mandala drawings too.