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We’ve developed relationships with so many awesome people & companies over the years. It’s an honor to not only work with them, but also call them friends.
In this special bonus section, you’ll hear from some of the top players in the native ads space – traffic sources, spy tools, offer owners, and more. Now our friends are your friends!
What You Get:
Module 1
Intro to Native Ads
In this module you’ll learn everything you need to get up and running with native ads FAST.

  • Why native ads are the absolute best choice for affiliate marketing today
  • How affiliate marketing works with native ads
  • Setting up your system for success
  • Module 2

    Choosing Profitable Offers
    Find out the EXACT niches and offers you should promote. You’ll learn about the highest converting offers that we use ourselves.

    • Why affiliates usually choose the wrong offer & what you should be promoting instead
    • The specific niches & subniches to promote and what to stay away from
    • The affiliate networks we recommend and work with + how to get ‘special treatment’ from the network

    Module 3

    Researching Your Audience
    Most affiliates completely ignore this, but it’s absolutely essential to your success. This is the difference between being a regular affiliate and a super affiliate.

    • How do you demographic research the right way (you’re probably doing it wrong)
    • How to find & target your customers pain points to dramatically improve your conversion rate
    • How thinking like your customer can dramatically increase your conversion rates

    Module 4

    Making Creatives
    You’ll see the exact creatives we use, and learn how to make them yourself. Get a crash course in copywriting and learn what other courses don’t teach you.

    • The EXACT types of images to use for native ads
    • Competitive intelligence research to outsmart your competition
    • Step-by-step instructions to create high converting creatives
    • Copywriting – How this skill can turn you from a ‘good’ affiliate to a super affiliate

    Module 5

    Landing Pages
    We’ve done the work for you! Learn how easy it is to create our best converting landing pages. We’ll even give you landing pages templates so you can get started right away.

    • Research the competition & find the highest performing types of landing pages
    • Building your landing page step-by-step + free landing pages templates
    • How to create any kind of landing page without any special skill or knowledge
    • A simple ‘trick’ for an immediate ROI boost

    Module 6

    The BEST Places to Get Traffic
    It’s easy to waste your money buying traffic. In this module you’ll learn what traffic to stay away from and what to focus on.

    • The best traffic sources to use & the ones to stay away from
    • Joining your first traffic exchange
    • How to track your affiliate campaigns to optimize and scale your profits

    Module 7

    Campaign Setup Walkthrough
    Look over our shoulder and learn how to set up your campaigns the right way. Avoid costly mistakes and get set up to maximize your revenue.

    • Setting up your first campaign (don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand)
    • Basic marketing funnels and how they work
    • The key metrics to look at when evaluating your campaign

    Module 8

    Testing Strategies
    We’ve developed our system for affiliates of every level. Learn why some people focus on the wrong metrics and what to focus on instead.

    • How to budget & bid – Learn how to make the most of your advertising budget
    • Split testing – How to double or triple your profits by learning the simple art of split testing
    • Evaluating your campaign – You’ll know exactly what to do every step of the way

    Module 9

    Optimization Stage 1
    Optimization is cutting costs while boosting profits. Turn to turn a losing campaign into a winner. Learn why most people waste their money by not split testing correctly.

    • Optimizing creatives and CTR
    • Filtering traffic to maximize net profits
    • Understanding why variance is something you MUST learn
    • Learning what metrics to focus on for the best ROI
    • The optimization process – make more and spend less? Sign me up!

    Module 10

    Optimization Stage 2
    This is our deep optimization module. It’s how we take a campaign from losing money to wildly profitable. Get a look at exactly how we do this.

    • Next level optimization strategies used by advanced marketers
    • How to measure performance over time
    • Scaling campaigns past $1,000 per day
    • The key difference between optimizing and scaling

    Module 11

    Case Studies
    Ever wish you could peek inside accounts of super affiliates? That’s exactly what we’ll show you here. You’ll see our exact campaigns – how we set them up, ran them, and how much we made.

    • One of a kind chance to learn how top affiliates run campaigns
    • Our thought process and how we decide what to do next
    • How we know we’re onto a winner even if it’s not profitable

    Module 12

    Scaling Your Campaigns
    We’ll show you the methods we use to grow our campaigns exponentially. Instead of throwing darts blindfolded, you’ll learn how experienced affiliates approach it.

    • Building your campaign is one thing but how do you grow it?
    • Why you MUST treat optimization and scaling differently
    • Why most affiliates get ‘stuck’ and can’t grow beyond a certain point

    Module 13

    Advanced Funnels
    Learn to squeeze maximum revenue from each visitor. We’ll show you how to build a funnel and get multiple conversions per visitor.

    • Analyzing the flow of traffic to identify what you should focus on
    • Mapping your funnel visually
    • How to recognize trouble areas in your funnel and what to do about them
    • Earn more from your funnel using retargeting and opt-ins

    Module 14

    Going Direct
    Find out how to grow beyond traditional affiliate tactics. You’ll learn how to find opportunities that most affiliates don’t know exist.

    • The advantages of going direct – when to do it or not
    • Finding golden opportunities you never knew existed
    • Opportunities to build and grow campaigns with way less competition than normal

    Bonus Webinars
    We’ve developed relationships with so many awesome people & companies over the years. It’s an honor to not only work with them, but also call them friends.
    In this special bonus section, you’ll hear from some of the top players in the native ads space – traffic sources, spy tools, offer owners, and more. Now our friends are your friends!

    • Major native traffic sources – hear from the traffic source themselves what works
    • A Top ClickBank vendor fills you in on what happens behind the scenes + payout bump!
    • The founder of a popular spy tool shows you how to get the most out of it + discount!

    Bonus Landing Page Templates
    We’ll do whatever we can to help you succeed. That’s why we’re giving you a number of ourĀ best performing landing page templates. All you have to do is customize them, add your link, and you’re ready to go. This is a HUGE timesaver!

    • Easy 1 click importing the templates
    • The same templates we use in our own campaigns
    • No coding or design work required


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